Birefringence #1 exploring light


A lot of crystals are birefringent. As are plastics under mechanical stress. In our new project we are exploring light, birefringent and materials.

From thought to shape

from thought to form

A new product starts with a thought. An idea that either builds on an existing item or an idea that has no form yet. Being able to shape…

Garden furniture

Kwantum Tenna outdoor furniture

Each product starts as an idea. An idea that the customer has briefed or an idea that we discover together with the…

Garden furniture: Napels range

Kwantum Napels outdoor furniture

The Napels range consists of 2 dining chairs (one with and one without armrests), a two seat bench, a square and a round…

Coffee set

Coffee set

This minimalistic stainless steel coffee set was designed in 2012. The pure, squared forms and the black handle are unique design…

Bicycle saddle

Bicycle saddle

Mother nature fabricates single material patterns that serve a wide scale of functions on many levels; from leafs to spider…

Biomimicry 3d printed soft seat

Biomimicry 3d printed soft seat

Biomimicry; 3D Printed soft seat (2014) is the starting phase of Lilian’s extensive research to organic structures in order to…